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The Reason Your Last Four Trucking Jobs Didn’t Pan Out

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a truck driving professional who has bounced from company to company. Maybe you’ve even had a few different jobs in the last year. From your perspective, there are a whole slew of reasons you left those companies, and it’s probably all their fault. Right?

Maybe not.

Loyalty & Engagement Within the Trucking Industry

During the last 10 years, I have noticed the absence of engagement and exchange within the trucking industry. Issues like payroll shorts, faulty equipment, lack of work, customer requirements that were never communicated prior to the start, and healthcare issues come to mind, but the list goes on. My observations have led me to a few conclusions about why these issues arise, and a big one that stands out is the absence of loyalty.

When there is an absence of loyalty within a company, it can become visible through the ways in which we interact with one another. Consequently, the workplace can becomes less desirable, and that can lead to unwanted circumstances and a motivation to seek new employment relationships. Our goal, obviously, is to avoid all of that.

The dictionary definition of loyalty is “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” This definition begs the question: “What is it that motivates a strong feeling of support or allegiance?” I believe the answer is found through connection and mutual respect.

Fostering Connection & Mutual Respect at ITS

At ITS, we have set out to establish a set of value statements on which our company runs. Our value statement on loyalty states that “by supporting and being committed/devoted to the needs of the team, ITS can be a place you can call home.”

What that means is that we work our hardest to provide our truck drivers with all the necessary tools they need to complete their jobs on time, and to complete them well. Our belief is that if we can accomplish that goal, we will continue to be home to a satisfied group of truck drivers who feel respected and, in turn, show their loyalty to our company.

According to a 2016 study by Glint, a software company that provides its clients with real-time statistics on employee engagement, the amount of training an employee receives is crucial to his or her engagement. The study reported that employees with poor onboarding – or training – experiences were eight times more likely to be disengaged at work. It also reported that 40 percent of employees who said they experienced poor training felt disengaged three months later and would not recommend the company to others. First impressions, and experiences, really do matter.

How We’re Different Than Other Trucking Companies

In order to maintain engagement, instill a sense of loyalty, and promote mutual respect, we try to be intentional about properly training our employees and making sure their skills meet our expectations. We also provide training for any subtasks we require. This ensures the success of every employee and guarantees an appropriate service delivery to our customers. When training works, it promotes job satisfaction, increases productivity, and lowers employee turnover, and it strengthens our commitment to service delivery excellence.

In addition, we have an open door policy, and this ensures all concerns are communicated and resolved. We do our best to fully explain all expectations to our employees so they are aware of what they should and shouldn’t be doing. And, as extra perks, we celebrate year-end accomplishments at our annual Christmas gathering, host monthly giveaways of coveted in-cab accessories, and we promote and reward quarterly performance bonuses.

Our most successful truck drivers are the ones who follow the practices outlined in the training and service policy manuals we provide upon hire. They fill out logs and complete paperwork properly, which is part of completing a successful service delivery. By having positive interactions with everyone they encounter during their work day, especially customers, we find that they maintain a healthy attitude toward their job. And, by following procedures like wearing seatbelts and not speeding, our drivers show a high regard for their own safety and that of others.

In short, ITS realizes that loyalty is a two-way street. But we know that it starts with us. If we give you, the truck driver, all the tools you need to do your job well, we know that you’ll be able to effectively use those tools and, in turn, show us your loyalty. This is what builds relationships.

Join the ITS Team

ITS is always on the lookout to add skilled, qualified, and loyal drivers and team members to our company. Visit our Careers page to see available positions in your area.

John Thorn is the Business Development, Brokerage, and Logistics manager at ITS. He has more than 15 years of solid experience in the brokerage and logistics management areas. John believes that employees are able to contribute through achievement, and that achievement can allow them to stand out. He’s driven by the power of intent and by how a person’s actions dictate right or wrong. He also believes that accomplishment and winning builds community, and that independence and persistence can ensure success.