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Brake Safety Checks: What Drivers Can Do to Stay Safe

Safety should be the primary concern for any truck driver. You want to make sure you, your tractor, and your trailer all arrive at the destination safely.

Brake Safety Week

Each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) holds a Brake Safety Week, during which roadside enforcement inspectors conduct brake safety inspections. These inspectors are looking for out-of-adjustment brakes and brake-system violations.

This level of awareness is important to ensure the overall safety of the transportation industry, and make sure that your brakes are reliable and ready when you need them the most.


Out of Service Conditions for Truck Brakes

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, your brake hoses and tubing should be out of service if they meet any of these descriptions:

  • Any damage extending through the outer reinforcement ply.
  • Bulge/swelling when air pressure is applied.
  • Audible air leak at other than a proper connection.
  • Improperly joined such as a splice made by sliding the hose ends over a piece of tubing and clamping the hose to the tube.
  • Damaged by heat, broken, or crimped in such a
  • manner as to restrict air flow.

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