How to Avoid Slips in Wintry Conditions

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How to Avoid Slips in Wintry Conditions

Being alert and safe should be the main focus year-round, but winter brings a higher risk of accidents where extra caution is needed. Use these tips to avoid slips, trips, and falls while navigating outside your truck this winter.


Winter Safety Tips for Drivers

  • When walking, look where you are going and have your hands ready to steady yourself should you slip. Try to maintain one point of contact on the truck or trailer while walking around it during your pre/post-trip.
  • Wear proper footwear with ankle support and heavy treads for more traction.
  • Take short steps and walk at a shorter pace so you can react quickly to change in traction.
  • Keep your tractor and trailer steps, decks, and grab handles clean, dry, and serviceable.
  • Do not jump from your cab or back of the trailer.


Winter Safety Tips for Fleet Managers

  • Ensure you are keeping walkways, entrances, and other work areas clear of ice and snow.
  • Make sure the yard and walking areas are well lit.


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